by DJ A S K Feat DefWish

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is a collaboration of two times Australian DMC champion, DJ ASK and DefWish from the almighty DEF WISH CAST.
This no nonsense, left-field rap track is a result of the long standing careers of these two hip hop veterans.


DJ A S K Feat DefWish/lyric's By DefWish
DefWish: there it go again, heads still aint' ready spin the clock i set it back before shootn' to riddle em with wimbledon aces, laces still fat ironed and blinded in kicks for old souls, behold the cold acumen miraculous impact on the rap capitalists unanimous decision- not stuck in those days we stay ahead of em they declaring its dying, im' certifying its returning back to its pure environment my desired requirement whipper snapper with the tongue flappin fire dreamn' skys with no limits on the way to school bombn' blastin' 'hold it now hit it' wait a minute, imagine me on the same stage kids laughed at the shortest kid in the 8th grade but years later, there it is on the flier- def wish cast open for beasties in 95
ASK :Scratch sentence'
We on in 2 (minutes) backstage a major imprint on this thing called Hip Hop i stop, look around at the crew i rocked with since 1990, signed a deal pioneering (sydney) with only a few, S.U.(sound unlimited) Bad Rep and J.U.(Just Us) Spice, D-Man(R.I.P), Brethren, veterans A.S.K. C.O.D, Noble Savages, 046 inhabitants stayed true like we always claimed gained respect over fame to be forever you know the name...
Merma: never becoming a part of the pop stock we never stopn' like we said from day dot come into our world instead of skimming off the top we keep on and stay strong cause this is Hip Hop
DefWish: so clear the airways for the countdown of my next leak of radio inactive flows blows to the right side of ya brain flames rain down while i remain poised, coins placed on the eyes the unequivocal voice of the b-boy character animated, my life painted in abstract forms knights rise at the B.E. (Basic Equipment) horns mic's drawn, like when Herb serves reality checks, stern stance. playn' it safe if you don't got haters parade a front that'll fade as ya skills are put on the line blinded by the lime light, kids buyin' ya downloads while real heads tip they hat at our shows mad as hatter to evo (evolution machine), no half n half no wax luke warm, more styles
than pantone colours nullify uniform of the minute m.c's were of the all time rhyme breed loungin' in Bondi at the Canteen with Merma , loud mouth soup under the gas burner turnin' the beef between states to become great mates n stay true like we always claimed gained respect over fame to be forever you know the name...
ASK Scratch'


released August 29, 2014
Produced By DJ A S K,lyrics & vocals DefWish,additional vocals By MERMA,Electric Bass By MILES.All other instruments & turntables By DJ A S K



all rights reserved


DJ A S K Sydney, Australia

DJ A.$.K has over 20 years experience as a DJ and has worked professionally since 1988,And was rated as Australia’s number one hiphop dj from 88-97 and had entered and won practically every major Australian dj mixing competition up to 97 aswell as representing Australia at the World DMC Mixing Championships in 90 and 96. ... more

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